CleverMining is the smartest Scrypt & X11 mining pool. We always mine the most profitable coin out of dozens that we constantly monitor and switch between automatically. You just point your miner to our pool and enjoy watching the stats and earnings flowing in.

We have excellent record of profitability and we believe CleverMining is the best way to use your Scrypt & X11 miners.
  • Excellent profitability beating other Scrypt & X11 mining options.
  • Blazingly fast, very optimized and ASIC-friendly stratum software.
  • Auto-switch to the most profitable coin.
  • VARDIFF adjusting difficulty for all hashrates of GPU and ASIC rigs.
  • Great and detailed stats and charts in web and mobile.
  • Daily Payouts with 0.01 BTC minimum payout balance.
  • Additional weekly payout for small balances (0.001 BTC).
  • Highly developed project - excellent support and more features coming soon.
CleverMining (operated by Terk for about 2 years) has been aquired by LTCRabbit (PPanther) on 03/03/2016. LTCRabbit brand (LTC payouts) is build for mining beginners and CleverMining brand (BTC payouts) is developed to cover the needs of mining professionals.
CleverMining pays by PPS (pay per share). So we will pay you directly for each share every hour in comparison to PPLNS pools, where you have to mine for days, to get full payout.

We are mining coins directly with our stratum software. Due to PPS and "meta mining" it's impossible to account a fixed fee. The fee for CleverMining can be between 0-20% depending on the mining situation. It covers losses from orphan blocks/bad mining campaigns, hardware and maintenance costs. At the profitability page you'll find the exact compensation per MH you'll receive. The fee has already been deducted from the accounted values.
Payouts are sent daily at 13:00 UTC.
Daily payouts occur for balances of 0.01 BTC or more at 13:00 UTC. There's also a once per week payout for balances exceeding 0.001 BTC on monday, 13:00 UTC.
If you made a mistake, your username probably isn't a valid Bitcoin address. Due to performance reasons and global infrastructure, usernames are not verified at our stratum server. Shares, which have been sent with an invalid username are silently dumped and not stored. We are sorry, there is no way to recover these shares.
No, there are no fees for payouts. We cover Bitcoin network transaction fees with the general pool fee.
Our stratum server has VARDIFF enabled and it should work great for most users. But if you have a miner with dozens of chips working as a single connection you might want to setup your own difficulty. You can do this by using password d=XXXX where XXXX can be one of these difficulties: 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, 65536, e.g. d=512 (Scrypt) and 0.01, 0.02, 0.04, 0.08, 0.16, 0.32, 0.64, 1.28, e.g. d=0.01 (X11). This will set a fixed difficulty and disable vardiff. It works per connection so you can choose separate difficulty for each of your miners.
Yes, you can. You will see overall stats and profitability for all your workers combined. The VARDIFF works per-connection so it will be adjusted individually to your miners regardless of username.

If you own a KNC Titan, you probably know that this miner has problems with fast coin switching. To cover the specific needs of the KNC Titan, we provide you with a special mining port. Non Titan miners will be disconnected.


Set the password to: d=8192

Please switch your Titan to the exact address (US or EU) displayed above (do not remove the / before the #xnsub). Mining with these settings with the KNC Titan leads to stable mining with low rejects.

We optimized mining with NiceHash rental on CleverMining.

Scrypt: Please use the following special port with a fixed difficulty of 8192 for smooth NiceHash => CleverMining scrypt mining.

X11: Please use the following special port with a fixed difficulty of 0.16 for smooth NiceHash => CleverMining X11 mining.

There is no need to enter a hashrate limit for CM at NiceHash. We tested it sucessfully with 30GH. However, NiceHash lets you pay about 15% more (delta) for each order, to reward their miners for the high amount of CM coin switches. Please take this 15% into account for your profit calculations.

Yes, it is supported and shares are separately recorded. However, our current statistic page only shows the total hashrate. It will be improved to show detailed data on single workers soon.
Please check your miner configuration. Ensure that you run an Scrypt or X11 miner and not a sha256 miner. Ensure that you are connecting using stratum protocol and are connecting with the respective Scrypt and X11 ports. Failure on one of these is the most usual reason of not getting shares accepted.
There is no downtime when switching between coins (major mining). The switch is very smooth and no hashpower is wasted. We might switch hashpower to external mining campaigns 1-2x per day. You miner is gracefully and activly told to reconnect to our server. This controlled interruption is very rare and performance loss neglectible, but further improves our mining profitability.
When you start mining, your stats page should show the first data within 5 minutes. If your stats page does not show up, no shares are recorded and your miner configuration is most probably wrong.
You'll find our public pool data including profitability data here:

Personal mining statistics can be found here:

Please let us know in case you have any API questions:
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