CleverMining doesn't require registration and you can start mining within a minute! Simply point your miner at our pool using your Bitcoin address as username and anything as password:

Please make sure your miner supports the algorithm "scrypt".

Which stratum servers are available? (for miners located in the US) (for miners located in the EU) (for miners located in China)

It's recommended to configure the physically closest server as your primary server (e.g. and the other one e.g. as a backup server)

Choose your own difficulty

Our stratum server has VARDIFF enabled and it should work great for most users. But if you have a miner with dozens of chips working as a single connection you might want to setup your own difficulty. You can do this by using password d=XXXX where XXXX can be one of these difficulties: 3256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, 65536, e.g. d=512. This will set a fixed difficulty and disable vardiff. It works per connection so you can choose separate difficulty for each of your miners.

Special KNC Titan settings

If you own a KNC Titan, you probably know that this miner has problems with fast coin switching. To cover the specific needs of the KNC Titan, we provide you with a special mining port. Non Titan miners will be disconnected.


Set the password to: d=8192

Please switch your Titan to the exact address (US or EU) displayed above (do not remove the / before the #xnsub). Mining with these settings with the KNC Titan leads to stable mining with low rejects.

Using NiceHash to mine on CleverMining

We optimized mining with NiceHash rental on CleverMining. Please use the following special port with a fixed difficulty of 8192 for smooth NiceHash => CleverMining scrypt mining.

There is no need to enter a hashrate limit for CM at NiceHash. We tested it sucessfully with 30GH. However, NiceHash lets you pay about 15% more (delta) for each order, to reward their miners for the high amount of CM coin switches. Please take this 15% into account for your profit calculations.

Why there is no need for registration?

Your username is your Bitcoin address. That's how we know where to send your profits. Payouts are daily and automated for all earned balances of 0.01 BTC and above. Balances exceeding 0.001 BTC will be paid out once a week (monday). Stats for all users are publicly available for transparency.

Where your stats are located

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